GoFly Prize

What is the GoFly Prize? GoFly is a $2 million international competition sponsored by Boeing to build a safe, quiet, and ultra compact “personal flying device”.

What makes it different from what’s already out there? Some companies are already well on their way to developing “flying cars”, but they are all too big, too loud, or too heavy for real mainstream adoption.

GoFly wants to challenge people to develop a compact device that can be easily flown out of densely populated areas without sounding like a jetliner or swarm of bees.

What’s happening now? To date, over 3,500 people from 101 countries have participated in the competition. Texas A&M Harmony was one of 10 Phase I “Early Design” winners from this crowded field to win $20,000 each, and the team has just repeated its win as one of 5 Phase II “Early Build” winners to win $50,000 each.

All teams must now build and test-flight their vehicles before a final fly-off in spring  2020. There, teams will compete to win prizes for the quietest, fastest, and most innovative design as well as the $1 million grand prize. Texas A&M Harmony