About Us

In car-dominated cities around the world, millions of people spend hours every day commuting to and from work. Personal air vehicles have long been seen as a solution to congestion, but engineers of the past have lacked the technology to make them practical for consumers. Fixed-wing aircraft are unable to make point-to-point flights, and modern helicopters are loud, complex, and require expensive training to fly.

Now, we now have the tools to effectively engineer compact yet strong aircraft that intelligently stabilize themselves. Using the combined technologies of composite structures, micro-electronics, and computer aided design, we have the power to unlock the full potential of personal flight for recreation, commerce, and beyond.

Enter Harmony Aeronautics.

Harmony Aeronautics is a spin-off of Texas A&M University’s Advanced Vertical Flight Laboratory. Our team is dedicated to creating innovative solutions to problems in the field of vertical flight.

Our company aims to sub-license our technologies and sell engineering services to existing manned and unmanned aircraft vendors, such as small drone builders and large helicopter manufacturers.

Freedom Through Flight

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